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Payment and Delivery

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To place an order with us, add items you wish to buy into the shopping cart and follow the procedure described in the following pages. An order can also be made via fax.
   FAX: 06-4705-4323

Orders received by 11am within 5 business days(Monday through Friday) can be processed for delivery on the same day. Orders received on non-business days will be processed on the next bussiness day.   

An order exceeding 24 bottles cannot be accepted. For the delivery charge, please refer to(■Delivery Charge).

If your order has multiple destinations, split your order for each destination.

Drinking alcohol under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.

Order using your Purchase History

Purchase History
Click on the "Purchase History" button on the top of this page, and place a new order using your purchase records, listed up to the last five years.
Select one of the ways your purchase history gets listed
    List by Date: Orders are sorted by date, newest first.
    LIst by Item: Orders are sorted by item, by quantity in descending order.

Stock Level
    〇: In Stock △: Limited -: Out of Stock X: Sold Out

Shipping can be made by Yu-Pack(Japan Post Parcel Delivery Service) or SAGAWA(SAGAWA Express). Note the differences in Delivery Time, Delivery Charge, and Refrigerated Courier Charge for the two carriers below and select an appropriate carrier for you.

If you choose "Bank Transfer", we will ship your items after confirming remittance.

An order can be made up to 18 litres (or 24 bottles containing 750ml).
Delivery charge is applied to each box, which could contain up to 12 bottles of regular size. Please be reminded that in pursuant to the provisions of the delivery service an order should not exceed 300,000 Yen.

Refrigerated courier service
We recommend "refrigerated courier service" between Jun. 1 and Oct. 20. Please specify this when you place an order. For No Added Sulfite wine, refrigerated courier service is strongly recommended throughout the year when high temperature is expected.   

* The fee for refrigerated courier service is 330 yen(including tax) for Yu-Pack and 330 yen (including tax) for SAGAWA.

Please feel free to contact us if you are uncertain about this service.

Your preferred delivery time
Yu-PackA:Morning B:14 - 16 C:16 - 18 D:18 - 20 E:20 - 21 F:Any Time 
SAGAWAA:Morning B:12 - 14 C:14 - 16 D:16 - 18 E:18 - 21 F:Any Time 
Please specify your preferred delivery time in the Order page.

Damaged Items
Items spoiled or damaged during delivery shall be replaced with the identical item where possible. Otherwise the items shall be cancelled due to the nature of our products.

Please see the table below for delivery charge(tax Included).

  Delivery company:Yu-Pack

Area * Delivery Charge
per Piece(1-12 bottles)
** Delivery Charge
with Discount
Refrigerated Courier Charge
北海道(Hokkaido) ¥1578 ¥795 ¥330
東北(Tohoku) ¥1283 Free ¥330
関東(Kanto) ¥1170 Free ¥330
信越(Shinetu) ¥1170 Free ¥330
北陸(Hokuriku) ¥1080 Free ¥330
東海(Tokai) ¥1080 Free ¥330
大阪(Osaka) ¥1039 Free ¥330
近畿(大阪を除く)(Kinki(Except Osaka)) ¥1080 Free ¥330
中国(Chugoku) ¥1080 Free ¥330
四国(Shikoku) ¥1080 Free ¥330
九州(Kyusyu) ¥1170 Free ¥330
沖縄(Okinawa) ¥1578 ¥795 ¥330
Charge for Payment on Delivery:¥330
  Delivery company:SAGAWA

Area * Delivery Charge
per Piece(1-12 bottles)
** Delivery Charge
with Discount
Refrigerated Courier Charge
東北(Tohoku) ¥814 Free ¥330
関東(Kanto) ¥713 Free ¥330
信越(Shinetu) ¥713 Free ¥330
北陸(Hokuriku) ¥663 Free ¥330
東海(Tokai) ¥663 Free ¥330
大阪(Osaka) ¥663 Free ¥330
近畿(大阪を除く)(Kinki(Except Osaka)) ¥663 Free ¥330
中国(Chugoku) ¥663 Free ¥330
四国(Shikoku) ¥713 Free ¥330
九州(Kyusyu) ¥713 Free ¥330
Charge for Payment on Delivery:¥440
Delivery Charge and Optional Charge
* Regardless of the number of bottles(1 through 12) the same specified delivery charge is applied per box.
 To determine the number of box needed for an order, "Bottle Unit" is set for each item according to the size(or volume) of the item.   1/2: <375ml, 1: 375 - 1000 ml, 2: 1001 - 1999ml, 3: >2000ml

** For an order exceeding 15000 yen "Delivery Charge with Discount" is applied. In addition, if an order contains one or more Delivery Charge Free items set by us, "Delivery Charge with Discount" is applied, with limitation to one box even when the order exceeds more than two boxes.

Refrigerated Courier Service
Jun. 1 through Oct. 20, wines are delivered by refrigerated truck at a controlled temperature as wines are vulnerable to higher temperature. Additional fee is charged for the service. For other period of the year refrigerated delivery is optional, however it is recommended throughout the year for No Added Sulfite wines. We cannot accept return of goods for quality issues due to temperature fluctuation if you choose not to use refrigerated courier service. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding the delivery.

Select one of the following payment methods, "Amazon Pay", "Bank Transfer", "Payment on Delivery", or "Postal Transfer".

Amazon Pay Amazon Pay allows you to securely sign in to Amazon and complete your purchase with us using credit cards you already have saved in your Amazon account. For further information on Amazon Pay, please see the page in Amazon.

• To choose Amazon Pay, click the yellow Amazon Pay button above.
• Complete your order within 60 minutes after selecting the card for your Amazon account.
• In order to choose another credit card, please click the "Amazon Pay" button and log in.
• Should you encounter any error, please choose one of the following procedures.
 ① Click the "Amazon Pay" button and log in to choose other card. ② Choose another payment method. ③ Cancel your order.
• A confirmation message will be sent to you upon completion of your purchase using Amazon Pay.
• We have no access to the personal data collected by Amazon pay. Amazon Pay is responsible for the processing.

When the addressee and the purchaser are different, Payment on Delivery cannot be selected.

Charge for Payment on Delivery will be borne by the customer.
SAGAWA accepts cash, credit card, electronic money or debit card upon delivery.

For all first time order from a new customer or an order exceeding 30000 yen, please choose Bank Transfer or Payment on Delivery.

For "Bank Transfer", please use the Bank Transfer form included in the parcel and make payment within 10 days after delivery.

Please remit your payment to the bank account below.
Bank Rakuten Bank DaiichiEigyo Branch(楽天銀行 第一営業支店)
Account Type: Saving(普通)
Account Number: 7306099
Account Holder: カブシキガイシャ キシモト

Please add Order No surrounded by brackets after your name in the bank transfer form.
  (e.g.) John Doe(1234)
    Charge for bank transfer fee will be borne by the customer. We will ship your items after confirming remittance.

Please inspect your purchase immediately. We will refund(including the cost of delivery) or replace for any damaged or incorrect items upon receiving a claim made to us within 24 hours of package arrival.

Product Returns will be accepted within 7 days of package arrival.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email message at the address below.

Privacy Protection
Customer's confidential information through the purchase or inquiries is treated with the utmost care.